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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 11, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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with basketball coach gary williams. livedgomez's family has banks for them for more than 15 years. >> one of my -- has lived next door to them for more than 50 years. >> one of my kids just said that he is always a happy kid. >> he and his good friend died early sunday morning after being hit by a car on rockville pike. the driver was arrested and processed for driving under the influence. no charges have been filed yet. >> it is very sad. it is terrible. >> adam hawes and these parents declined to comment. their son had been with the fbi field office for four years.
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"if rory was here today, he would be playing basketball or tennis with our brother luke, and our father." >> he had to be one of the nicest kids. a very close family. >> police say if any charges are filed, it could be weeks from now. >> montgomery county police said the weekend accident now brings this year's total of pedestrian deaths to 11. in 2009, 14 pedestrians were killed after being hit on the streets of montgomery county. >> we hope you're enjoying the holiday want. will these unseasonable weather temperatures last through the week? >> absolutely not. the temperatures will take a tumble through the week.
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a look andng had feel of summertime out there. it 85 degrees in washington right now. 83 in leesburg. 85 in woodbridge. 83 in hunting down. storms popping up mostly to the north and west. more stock -- showers and storms to the east. here is our forecast. partly sunny, unseasonably warm temperatures will fall, but tomorrow, maybe one more day close to 80 degrees before it cools down. >> because these temperatures will not offer much longer, people took advantage of them. >> if you have the day off because of the holiday, you were
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very lucky. it was a great day to be outside and had many people thinking it did not feel much like fall at all. >> it feels like summer. it is really unexpected. >> it sure is and what could be a better end of do the long holiday weekend? in dupont circle, it was the perfect date to break out the lasso? >> i am actually in a show and a couple of us were a year using this space. it is a beautiful day. >> -- were out here using this space. it is a beautiful day. critiquing get some shorts on and play around in the grass. -- >> you can get some short on and play around in the grass. >> or just relax and soak up the sun. >> i have lived here long enough to know that when it is nice to have to take advantage of it. >> it is also a great day for a
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bike ride. >> it feels great enjoying the day off. >> as nice as it is, people are enjoying it with a sense of urgency that comes in october before the leaves change. >> i felt a little bit of the cold last week. it might be our last few days of relaxing and enjoying the weather. >> if you want to know exactly when the last day of this beautiful weather will stick around, chief meteorologist doug hill will have that answer for you. right now we're having -- just enjoying the rest of the sunshine today. >> it looks like you got the best assignment this evening. >> coming up, and abuse case involving an employee at the oprah winfrey school in africa. and just who has the best job in america?
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a new list is out about the top 100 careers. >> and breaking news out of new york city tonight. plastic explosives were found in an historic manhattan cemetery. caroline matter is is live in the newsroom. >> police say they were not capable of detonating, but they have the potential to be extremely dent -- deadly. the bag was dug up at a cemetery when -- and stayed there until today when a different cemetery employee called the police. a bomb squad determined that there were eight sticks of c4 military explosives in the bag and if rate, could be more powerful than tnt. >> this was the amount used in the london bombings in 2005.
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but of course, it was separated. that was four separate bombings at that gate. it is difficult to say. inside a building it could have caused a lot of damage. >> that was police commissioner ray kelly. a threatening note signed it jesus christ was found on it a nearby window of a police car, but police said that is slightly unrelated. >> at the intersection of baltimore avenue and stayed around for 10:00 p.m. in -- 4:00e md. -- fo10 a.m. and maryland.
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two women were speeding and crashed and were ejected from a car. >> a military hearing on last year's deadly rampage at fort hood began -- begins tomorrow. army psychologist nidal hasan is accused of opening fire, killing 13 people and hurting 32 others. after dozens of people take the stand, the military court will decide whether there's enough evidence to try him. >> in less than 248 hours, the first of the trap to chilean miners -- in less than 48 hours, the first of the draft chilean miners could be lifted from underground. >> the 33 trapped miners are yet another step closer to freedom. engineers finish line in the top 100 feet of the rescue shafter with steel casing. that will protect them from falling debris as they bring them to freedom.
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rescuers also successfully lowered the rescue capsule to nearly all the way down. >> we're pretty sure that the gate will behave properly. >> this is how the rescue operation should work. each camera will well -- will wear an oxygen mask and hard to gauge. there will also be a camera inside the capsule, all of this squeezed in a space measuring 21 inches in diameter. if something goes wrong, there is no escape system that will allow each miner to separate the capsule so that he can be lured back down. -- lowered it back down. a huge winch that will bring them to the surface needs to be installed. it should be ready to go early wednesday morning. the wait is almost over. among those waiting is living in
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that gomez. her father, mario, sent this letter from the mines. she said the art -- the miners are arguing because they all want to be the last rescue. the healthiest man will be pulled out last. >> a developing story from new york city today. investigators are looking for a ninth suspect in a string of brutal attacks on gay men in the bronx. areame -- eight gang members i already under arrest. they apparently tortured and brutally beat the victims inside a vacant apartment building last week. the defendants are charged with kidnapping, sodomy and robbery as a hate crime. >> the republican gubernatorial candidate is catching some heat for his controversial comments against homosexuality.
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yesterday, republican carl paladino told a group of orthodox jewish leaders that he did not want children brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is acceptable. he said that he does not discriminate against gays, but that young children should not be exposed to gay culture, especially pride parade. >> i want to be clear that my feelings about the -- about all of sexuality are no different than those of the catholic church. i am a catholic. >> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., oprah winfrey response to today's verdict in the abuse case surrounding her south african school for girls. >> and a fight over condiments. >> and it could be the car of the future. find out who is testing a car that drives itself. >> some genuinely scary moments
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and some unexpected action during the filming of a
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>> an update on that breaking news from the d.c. filmset of "transformers 3."
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>> we are live in southwest washington with breaking details. >> we still have a lot of activity going on. you can see behind me b-movie trailers and crews still working. -- you can see behind me the movie trailers and crews still working. earlier today there was some unexpected action. a crowd gathered to watch the third installment of the transformers movie to franchise. the yellow bumblebee played prominently in the film. look closely, as the cameras rolled, the action took an unexpected turn. the bumble bee card slammed into a police cruiser, a deboning it. those watching fear for the safety of the driver. >> they all seemed to be out of their cars fine, but i was concerned at first that someone could be hurt. >> d.c. police acknowledge the streets in this area were closed for filming, but they add the officer was responding to a
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call. they said the officer is justified in taking the fastest route to the scene. because the whole crowd just reacted because it was not planned. >> the police officer was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. this mishap did disrupt filming of transformers 3 today. >> tonight, north carolina investigators are having trouble finding new leads to help find a missing girl who is disabled. 10-year-old zara baker has two hearing haaids and a prosthetic leg. the girl's father said his wife told him she saw zara sleeping in her bed at about 2:30 a.m.
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sunday morning. her father says it is possible that lisa baker could have been involved with the appearance. she has been arrested and charged with a dozen of and related crimes. -- of on related crimes. >> the scandal at the opera winfrey's will happen soon after opening the school. prosecutors accused the defendant tried to kiss and fondles six girls at the school in 2007. >> a man landed in a tree more than 50 feet in the air and was stuck there for about two hours before he was rescued. it was not his first jump, either, although, it appears he was ok. that is not a good day. >> that is why do not get too far off the ground.
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are serving to fall already. >> they are starting to change color. maybe we will get a brighter, more vibrant fall here. but if they fall off, they will not change color anymore. it definitely felt like summer today. this one area of showers, we will keep an eye on that. then across toward new jersey, we will keep an eye on that. in the meantime, let's go to weatherbug and talk about what is happening there. this is a shot of what is happening in frederick. a pretty good mix of clouds and sunshine for the day. well above average temperatures,
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85 degrees in chevy chase right now. 87 in centreville. and at 85 in martinsburg. our average high this october is only 70 degrees. these numbers are well in excess of that. a little bit of a boundary in -- notice the temperature difference here. new york is 75 and then you get into the upper 80's and there is a fraud goes on to the north of us. the front that goes out to north of us. i think we're talking about 80 tomorrow for the high. we may see an isolated shower or storm.
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as that for the ozone moves to the south, -- as that front moves further to the south, we may see some chance of showers for tomorrow. we are keeping an eye on the possibility of thunderstorms reaching severe levels in pennsylvania, but not here. isolated showers and storms tamara and then as the front goes out, cooler air comes our way. as we get through later wednesday and into thursday morning, in front approaching from the west. -- a front approaching from the west. we will have a very pleasant wednesday, but it will be a very breezy and rainy and chile thursday. 70 late tonight. in the isolated activity will come to an end. mid 70's for the day tomorrow. then we will finally end up near
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80 degrees. then on wednesday, partly sunny and the upper 60's. the rain begins onset -- on wednesday. .org thursday, rather. -- or on thursday, rather this week and looks like a typical autumn weekend. temperatures in the 60's and partly cloudy skies. clucks of nine couples remain on "dancing with the stars" and tonight they will try to -- >> 9 couples remain on "dancing with the stars" and tonight they will try to stay in the competition. when couples as they are committed to winning even though their social life has suffered. >> i did not get to spend as much time with my friends or go out a lot because this is really important. >> as soon as i leave rehearsal i go to my buddy's house or to my girlfriend's house, see a movie.
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>> you can watch it back at 8:00 p.m., followed by castle and abc news at 11:00 p.m. >> a new study has a magic number of secure the being in the metro area. >> we will look at edward norton's new film and his connections to maryland. norton's new film and his connections to maryland.
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>> and beloved frederick pizza parlor might soon have to close, and not because of the economy. >> the companies being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for an unusual reason. >> great customers, we have been here 11 years. this is basically my life and how my family survives. >> can nelson has run this pizza place in frederick for nearly a decade -- for over a decade. in local business owner says he is in violation of the telephone consumer protection act and has told nelson to pay of $200,000. >> i have four kids and my wife does not work because of the triplets. it is not a good thing. >> the companies being sued by a tv sports. we spoke to the company's lawyer earlier today and he said he would not comment on pending
5:25 pm
litigation. >> i cannot believe people would be this way. it is unfounded. >> according to court documents, he says he has sent 69 pieces that mitigation -- pieces of communication. nelson said he has never received any communication from the sports company and all they had to do was call. now he believes that perotti is a serial suer. >> carolla: died this morning --
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carol calling died this morning. this summer,: and mead announced the reporting their bookstore up for sale. cohen died of cancer. she was 74 years old. >> coming up, a possible link between babies with jaundice and autism. >> in fairfax county, a store autism. >> in fairfax county, a store manager gets punched in the who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around.
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>> a food fight and a 711 in fairfax county has landed the store's manager in the hospital. >> it turns out the fight was about condiments. it we're live in franconia. >> we should tell you that the store manager is out of the hospital with a very sore jaw, maybe even lost a tooth over this confrontation that no one could expect over something that you would never believe. >> the man in the back of the police car is attack -- is charged with attacking a 7/11 store manager, hurt seriously enough he had to be taken to the
5:30 pm
hospital. at the heart of that early morning melee, catch up. -- ketchuip. the man was arrested without a problem. he reportedly told police it was a disagreement. >> i do not think it is worth getting beaten up over. >> he wanted to ketchup from the condiment bar like this one. he told it was -- he told police that the manager told him, no, you cannot just take it without a purchase. he punched the manager in the face several times. his co-workers were stunned at what happened here. >> i do not know what is going on here. >> customers signalman likely had issues before he walked into the restore. -- the customers said the man
5:31 pm
like we had issues before he walked in to the store. >> the man, was not been identified by police, has been charged with malicious assault. reporting live, gail huddy bacher, abc7 news. >> take a listen to this note if you think that was hard to believe. montgomery college student says she was sitting in the school library when a stranger exposed and hudgins of next year -- next to her. investigators say he left some physical evidence on the victims arm. if you can help catch the man responsible, call the tacoma police. >> 31-year-old love on pointer is accused of shooting at his neighbor's house.
5:32 pm
one person was shot in the ankle. the victim was flown to the hospital and it is expected to be ok. there is no word on the motive. >> president obama has made a call to action for community 5000 moreo produce degree boulders -- 500,000 more degree holders by 2015. >> anti- plans to get his degree from a four-year agree -- degree. >> i can get an associate's degree and it does not weigh as heavily as a bachelor's degree. and >> i think that is a typical perspective of students because they are taught that they should go on today for your degree. but president obama is leading the way to change that perception by emphasizing the value of an associate's degree in the u.s. work force. only 25% of the country's
5:33 pm
committee college students get a certificate, an associate degree, or transfer to a four- year institution. >> this initiative by the president gives us an umbrella with which we can approach this. we can actually say, ok, here are our goals. in addition to access, we will focus on completion. >> including more online courses, self-paced learning to accelerate the degree process, and targeting two urged completion of those last couple of courses. >> i think it will be important to involve as many faculty and students as possible. >> the president spotlight on committee colleges will help to change any stigma associated with the school. >> things have gotten a lot better.
5:34 pm
>> and the news from around the region tonight, a new report shows college dropouts cost taxpayers millions of dollars. more than 21,000 students dropped out their freshman year at one of virginia's public four-year universities. the virginia taxpayers spent $178 million on those students. the federal government spent an additional $34 million. >> michele schear 1 the teacher of the year on board -- the year award. she was known for her work with her science high school students. congratulations. >> its books as though you are going to see no delays it, really -- it looks as though you will see no delays, reddick, on
5:35 pm
the beltway. no problems on connecticut avenue. a little bit of a problem on river avenue, but on the geico cameras, everything is clean. a federal holiday has obviously cleaned everything out. some delays northbound between the prince william parkway and run around of borden. this is because of people coming home from the columbus day weekend. the blue orange line is getting a little bit of work downtown and leading to some delays. >> coming up, mike schuring is spreading throughout d.c., arlington, -- bike sharing is spreading throughout d.c., arlington and beyond. >> edward norton has a connection to maryland, just
5:36 pm
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>> it is not the kind of thing
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you see every day, a white guy with cornrows. [laughter] >> [unintelligible] about his new film and his connection to the metro area. >> edward norton, he rarely plays an ordinary guy. this week he stars as stone, a prison, and hoping to talk robert deniro into paroling him. edward norton place cat and mouse with robert deniro in stone, the story of a prison in may hoping to talk his caseworker into granting him parole. >> it is the story of a guy who is very stable, assessing someone who is very unstable and by the end they have for the almost switch. -- they have really almost switched. >> norton grew up watching the
5:40 pm
bureau's movies. the cuts -- a deniro's movies. >> i was raised in columbia, but my family is from baltimore. baltimore is its own thing. >> it is rated r for violence and adds an unusual character to edward norton's work. this began, "social networking" had the box office. >> there's some tough competition this week, including read, retired and extremely dangerous, and jackass. >> have you ever tried cornrows? >> i think it is too late. >> [laughter] >> coming up next, a car that
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>> what kind of salary would it take to make you feel secure? we have answers from a new study. >> $85,000 a year is the pretty high median house -- household income, but it is also expensive to live here. the worst, fairfax county. >> i think it would cost at least $4,000 to maintain a small family. >> think again. a new study shows a lot more. $108,000 a year in fairfax county. >> adding the cost of living here is very high. -- i think the cost of living here is very high.
5:45 pm
>> for economic security, enough to eat, housing and medical care and a financial cushion. child care, for instance, nbc averaged $2,500 per month for one child. transportation costs, fairfax county is the worst at $52 per month. while d.c., enough people use public transportation and it is just a third of that. >> the concern is dependent on how the economy will be five years from now. >> concerns about retirement have become a major issue for all age groups. even young people, many of whom have seen their parents having to go back to work or otherwise struggling because of the recession.
5:46 pm
for a if you're looking career, there's a new list out of the best jobs in america. cnn money and others rated the top 100 jobs in terms of pay, but availability of work and opportunities. staufer architects greeted blueprints for software engineers and on average make more than $100,000 per year. physician assistants, management consultants, physical therapists, and environmental engineers round of the top five best jobs. and for the whole list, go to >> google says it has developed cars that drive themselves. google has been testing the cars on california street for months now and it turns out the only accident that was -- that these cars have been in with you to human error.
5:47 pm
and -- was due to human error. >> 7 is on your side with new questions about the link between jaundice and autism. a new study finds that children who have jaundice at birth are more likely to develop autism. but researchers say they do not know how the two conditions might be related and they say parents should not be worried by a case of jaundice. the yelling condition is fairly common and usually harmless. extremely rare and extreme cases of jaundice can bring brain damage. >> not only did her baby boy have 10 fingers and hand photos, but karins son was born 10-10- 10. and he was born at 10:10 a.m. and the mother says the boy actually came 10 days early.
5:48 pm
>> that is going to be a lucky child. >> i'm telling you, he already is. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> the two men running for the governor of maryland were offered the first time -- square off for the first time in a big debate. and a man bears his soul in a campaign speech and why it may not earn him $1 million. -- why it may earn him $1 million. >> the temperatures are still in the's at this hour. a lot of sunshine, temperatures dropped out in the 80's in a lot of spots. -- topped out in the 80's in a lot of spots. this is drifting off to the east and southeast, moving toward madison county and eventually toward culpepper. if it hangs together, it may
5:49 pm
make it through portions of spotsylvania county, possibly for expert as well. -- frederiksberg as well. in eastern pennsylvania, a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect. i think all of that will bypass us. there aren't new shourd developing south and west of its -- there are new showers developing south and west of pittsburgh. meanwhile, let's talk about the numbers we expect tonight. we will drop down into the upper 50's in gaithersburg, 59 in waldorf. the reason we were talking about this area is because that is where a frontal system is right now. that may come south and give us a better chance of storms during the afternoon.
5:50 pm
as beginning to wednesday, we will continue to the south -- as we get into wednesday we will continue to the south. isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. by wednesday, much colder and much more seasonal. the rain is likely to develop thursday and much cooler. wind is likely on friday with a few of fall and leave begin forecast. -- with a real feel of fall in the weekend it forecast. >> everybody is still talking about the redskins win over the packers yesterday and for the first time since midway through the 2008 season, the skins have won two in a row. this team is some kind of fun to watch. >> keep it going.
5:51 pm
it is fun to watch you. >> the redskins lead the league in trauma. sunday, they turned this into this. -- in a drama. sunday, they turned this into this. >> have you had enough of that? >> it sucks. >> for the redskins, the first five games were up for grabs until the very last snap. the holding call against dallas, the overtime field goal loss to houston, last week's hill mary nailed by philadelphia, and now get this, winning in overtime. >> it does not matter how bad we have played in the first half. it is amazing. >> according to players, sunday's win would have been a loss in previous years. >> when you get into those in tough situations, they just gave in.
5:52 pm
>> we bought into the changes. >> is the first month of the season is any indicator, get ready for more change from this close-knit group. >> no finger-pointing at any point in the game. you can tell they were all going at -- in the same direction. >> this team is fighting for one another. >> it really was a great scene out there. as you know, albert haynesworth was not with the redskins yesterday appeare. there were morning and celebrating his half-brother, lance buch woys, who was killed in a motorcycle accident. -- lance mccoy, who was killed in a motorcycle accident. >> is he supposed to be on a
5:53 pm
motorcycle? >> i would not think so. >> coming up, we will show you ->( music playing )k so. - we know technology can make you more connected.
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>> this afternoon, in gaithersburg police officer hit a teenager who was trying to cross the street. it was around 3:00 near johnstown and quince orchard road. the boy was outside of the crosswalk when he was hit. he went to the hospital with minor injuries. we are live in southeast with more on why people are taking to two wheels to get around. >> it is good exercise and, of course, saves gasoline, and things like that. i am at potomac and pennsylvania avenues in southeast washington where one of the dozens of new bike stations has popped up.
5:57 pm
there are over 1000 bikes spread throughout d.c. and arlington for members of capital by chairs and it is catching on. -- capital bike shares ended is catching on. -- and it is catching on. by the end of the month, there will be 100 of them in d.c. alone, another 14 in arlington. they are every quadrant of d.c., nw, south east. emma said she grabbed one your home in van ness and park did -- parked it where she was heading. >> now i feel like i do not need a bike. >> montreal has the same thing and their car to work here. >> i really like it. -- and their cards work here. >> i really like it. >> 30 minutes or less is free
5:58 pm
and lumber rights can get expensive. -- longer rides can get expensive. >> in residential areas, there is not necessarily. >> some residents have insisted that it be put in the park, which is federal land and a whole nother set of issues. but those in the season to like it. >> i think it is smart. >> [no audio] 2000 members of capital by chairs. it is free for the first half were to goen if you over there and switchbacks -- switch bikes, it is a good deal. it just cannot keep it longer than 72 hours.
5:59 pm
>> coming up, a war of words in the battle for maryland. but that is right, it was o'malley verses ehrlich. -- >> that is right, it was o'malley verses ehrlich. >> we are live with lee details from investigators at this cemetery and a real live crash on the set of the "transformer'' 3" movie. >> life ended the hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. -- live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m., on your side. >> maryland incumbent for governor, democrat martin o'malley and challenger bob ehrlich square off in their first set of debate. >> this has been about jobs and


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